Home Politics Article 50: Have Brexit Voters Started To Regret Brexit?

Article 50: Have Brexit Voters Started To Regret Brexit?

Brexit has pushed Brexit voters of the edge
Brexit has pushed Brexit voters of the edge

The never-ending Brexit debate has finally pushed voters over the edge, making them regret the decision.

When the EU referendum was announced, what seems like sixty years ago, no one envisioned a long winding road of tailored suited children complaining over who gets to keep Italy’s boot.

Now, a select group of Brexit voters have finally reached boiling point and started to regret voting to leave the EU.

One frustrated Brexit voter, Barry, commented: “When I voted to leave the EU last year, I thought it was going to take a couple of months and we would be on our way.

“Somehow, though, it is still ongoing and I’ve quite frankly had enough of the playground like behaviour.

“I’ve grown tired of being called a racist moron each time the topic of Brexit is discussed. I wish I did the guttering on the day of the vote instead. Would have been more productive.”

Currently, the Brexit bill, Article 50, is in the House of Lords receiving a number of amendments, with unsatisfied ministers aiming to reverse the decisions next week.

Janice, another Brexit voter, is so annoyed with the whole process that she has decided to read War and Peace to see if she can still beat parliament’s final decision on Article 50.

She adds: “War and Peace is possibly one of the biggest books to read with over a thousand pages, so I thought I’d see if I could reach resolution in the story quicker than the politicians taking care of Brexit.

“At least with fiction there is some sense of structure and satisfaction at the end. Not just the regret and constipation that has stayed with me ever since the referendum vote took place.”

There are hopes, according to sources, that they will reach a compromise on Article 50 and be done just in time to catch some bitchin surf for the summer.