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Twitter To Introduce New Security Test

Twitter To Introduce New Security Test
Twitter To Introduce New Security Test

Twitter is going to introduced a new security measure to help battle the dark side to social media.

We all come across those ‘woe is me’ tweets when scrolling down our newsfeeds searching for the next best meme. Your old-school friends complaining about that f boy she’s been hooking up with, hating life because of how fat they are (even though they aren’t).

When we were younger we used to have those voice automated dairies to vent about our best friends getting a new best friend, but nowadays you see 12-year-olds tweeting about Sophie and Sarah going to the cinema without inviting Chloe. I don’t know how they sleep with worries like that on their mind…

When I first started off on twitter I just used it to stalk my favourite celebrities (Yes Justin Bieber was the first) but the more and more I use it all I see on my timeline is my friends pretty much having a conversation with themselves.

Another breed of twitter users that we all can’t stand are the keyboard warriors and the people that say downright idiotic statements. It honestly makes me worry about the future of humanity.

A few of my favourite ‘dumbest tweets’ are;

  • “It’s so weird how the majority of Pet of files turn out to be teachers”.

PET OF FILES!! But hey at least they got that grammar in there…

  • “Who the f*ck is Paul McCartney? This is why I f*ck with Kanye. He always trying to put on new artists”.

I’m just insulted by this one.

  • “Why y’all acting like the world just now gettin messed uo? What about slavery? The hall of cost? Pick up a book”.

Just quit now kid.

I know what you’re thinking. How did they even figure out how to register for twitter and who let them! Twitter needs to introduce a new security system that only allows those who can get at least a C in their English GCSE, or even spell their own names to be able to use the site.

I can’t continue this article any further because if I did I think I’d end up hanging myself after reading those, how to put it nicely, damn right stupid tweets and I’m sure you feel the same way.