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Man Left Friendless After Talking About Bitcoin Constantly

Bitcoin is like online banking for tedious people
Bitcoin is like online banking for tedious people

A man has lost all of his friends after boring them by constantly talking about how great Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin is something that exists, people somehow use it, yet baffles millions of people, therefore, they choose not to care.

However, there are some people out there who think it’s interesting to talk about and that it’s the best currency method out there.

Reports have emerged that one man’s friends and loved ones have abandoned him because they finally grew tired of his Bitcoin bullshit.

The disgraced Bitcoin enthusiast told Pseudo News: “Those fools have no idea just how great it actually is. Just saying it sounds cool and makes you better than everyone else.

“All my ex-friends will come crawling back to me once I become a millionaire. Then we’ll see who the idiot is.”

Less Convenient Form Of Online Banking

Bitcoin is basically digital currency that is all created and held electronically. It’s produced by people and businesses, which in turn runs computers across the globe. Another name for it is ‘cryptocurrency’.

To the majority, no one really cares about it because it is too complicated and online banking is way more of a convenient form of digital currency.

Financial expert, Sarah Thompson, said: “If I wanted to go and pay for a sandwich or gram of cocaine right now I certainly couldn’t use Bitcoin.

“It has its purpose somewhere in society, but for those who don’t have the time to spend hours researching it and want goods and services straight away, it isn’t for them.”

If you know someone who uses it and they begin speaking at you for several minutes about it, just wave your debit card at their face and buy a coffee.

Bitcoin doesn’t buy you happiness.

Just contempt from others.