Home News ‘World Book Day’ Reveals That Children Have Never Read A Book

‘World Book Day’ Reveals That Children Have Never Read A Book

Children Confess That Reading Books Is Boring
Children Confess That Reading Books Is Boring

Chaos unravelled today as children dressed up as favourite film characters for world book day.

The institute for education confirmed that the majority of children thought that their world book day characters were from a film and have never picked up a book in their life.

Kids don’t know what a good book is nowadays, with all the film remakes hitting our big screens in the past few years, it’s no surprise that they’ve never read Beauty and the Beast when they have the likes of Emma Watson telling the tale to them.

A study has revealed that 60% of parents admitted to sticking their kids in front of the TV to watch film versions of classic tales, as they simply don’t have the attention span to read to them.

Head teacher, Jeffery Stoneman, told us; “For world book day, the vast majority of our children showed up dressed as their favourite film characters. Several admitted that they have never heard of the Harry Potter books.

We asked the children to bring their favourite book along with them as well, but a whole year 3 class showed up with DVD cases.

Our world book day ended up being world film day, but they couldn’t even concentrate long enough to finish them.”

It seems that the diminishing attention span amongst parents has been passed down to their children. I’m sure before even finishing this article you’ve had several conversations with friends on Facebook and tagged each other in memes. I know I did.